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Alaska Probate

Alaska Probate

We are Alaska probate attorneys. We offer legal representation and counsel to family members or friends who have been named as the personal representative or executor of the estate. We understand the legal procedures and the technical issues necessary to guide the personal representative  through the probate court with a minimum of time and trouble.

Probate can be a frustrating and confusing legal process. Sometimes there is no will prepared by the decedent to help direct the proceedings. Sometime the will is old or does not truly reflect the desires of the decedent. Sometimes there is conflict among family members and emotional turmoil caused by grief and the loss of a loved one. Our probate lawyers and staff are sensitive to family dynamics and the common problems encountered on probate cases. Our goal is to help personal representatives discharge their duties, distribute assets as required by law, avoid unnecessary conflict and promote family harmony whenever possible. Probate doesn’t have to be a confusing and frustrating maze. We can show you the way. If you require more information on Alaska Probate visit

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