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We recognize this is a time of great uncertainty, and it is essential that we protect our clients and the public. To adhere to COVID-19 best practices, we have instituted the following estate planning procedures:

Live Estate Planning Webinars In Lieu of Our Traditional Estate Planning Workshops

Facilitating Telephonic Intake Appointments

Facilitating Telephonic Will and Trust Design Appointments

Facilitating Signing of Estate Planning Documents via Videoconference Upon Request

Social Distancing and Masks (or Other Face Coverings) for All Individuals Present in the Foley & Pearson Offices

Please be advised that we are meeting with clients by appointment only. Please also note that our phones are being answered on a limited basis as some of our staff is working remotely. We appreciate your understanding.

Alaska Probate &
Estate Planning Lawyers

People are busy and there never seems to be enough time to take care of all that’s important. Estate Planning and probate are two of those important things that are easy to put off until later.

Foley & Pearson is a full-service estate planning and probate law firm located in Anchorage, Alaska. Our systematic process helps you get organized and devote the time necessary to planning or probate, without feeling overwhelmed or out of control. We take care of the details efficiently, which allows you to remember the people and things that are most important. We help our clients avoid the common problems of confusion, conflict, and procrastination.

The attorneys and staff at Foley & Pearson are committed to excellence, integrity and superior service. We have become a trusted guide for many families in Alaska and the Lower 48 States as we empower them to plan, remember, and sow the seeds of legacies that will pass from generation to generation to generation.

We offer our clients services in the areas of Probate, Estate Taxes, Wills, Trusts, Estate Administration, Corporate and Business Law, Business Succession Planning and Planned Giving and Charitable Bequests.

What our clients are saying.

“We take care of the details efficiently, which allows you to remember the people and things that are most important.”

-Richard Foley, Firm Founder

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